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01. Can I Promote My Business On Pinterest?

  •   You need a website -(WordPress, Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Custom site etc)
  •   You need to sign up for a Pinterest Business Account .
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02. Can A Pin on Pinterest Direct Someone To Buy ?

  • All pins on Pinterest are connected to a web address. Clicking a photo sends you directly to that webpage.
  • We place special emphasis on pinning from your website and optimizing links and content descriptions from your website for easier discovery on Pinterest.
  • We increase traffic to your account from old posts by scheduling repins of your best content.
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03.Where do you get the pins?  When do you Post?

  • Photos are pinned directly from brands in your feed or brand relevant accounts.
  • We create a smart schedule for you at optimized times based on your audience data.
  • We reuse your best posts from Instagram and Pinterest
The GOAL is to drive traffic to your site to increase revenue.  A keyword optimized profile, engaging with your audience, a compelling brand story and strategic pinning help you connect with customers. Building the right community is paramount to driving more sales. Brands that get this are successful and have the trust and loyalty of their customers.

Use Data To Drive Results.

Social media is time consuming. Industry terms can even start to sound like someone speaking in a foreign language. At Citaldel we believe in helping you save time, explaining those industry terms and providing transparency when we share data with clients. We work with our clients to achieve their goals whether it’s revenue or brand awareness.  We can’t make people buy from you BUT we can pave a strategic road to your website.

Check out our frequently asked questions below. Feel free to contact us anytime just to say hello!

01. What is your cancellation policy?

We are month to month you can cancel anytime and are not obligated to any long term contract.

02.What if my account likes inappropriate content?

Pinterest is pretty strict about the kinds of content and images that populate feeds. . We rely on niche personalities, bloggers, influencers and trusted brands you follow to avoid engaging with bad content. We also have dedicated account managers to help manage low quality or inappropriate content.

03. Do you automate your services?

We do use proprietary software to analyze your audience and optimize best posting times. However, a trained digital marketing professional sets up the strategy and optimizes your account profile and pins based on your audience data. We can’t get rid of humans yet.

04. We are worried about the price?

We truly care about the success of your brand on our platform so that we’re providing the best value to our customers. Your success is our success.  Throughout the month an account manager not only monitors your account but we send success reporting an email best practices and tips to help you improve your account.  Clitaldel finds the sweet spot with your target customers that helps generate more traffic to your account and to your website.  You can reach us 365 days a year.

05. Do you ever delete pins?

No. we never delete pins.  A good pin doesn’t have to go anywhere. Some of the biggest revenue generating pins are over 3 years old.

06. Why do I have to give my password?

We need your password so we can connect your account to the tools we use to manage your pinning.