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How Important is Social Media For a Local Business?

Have you noticed the days of simply having great service or advertising in local papers to get people through the door are long gone? Today, a business with great digital marketing can move in and start dominating mainstays in the community in no time.

It’s happening all over the country, local businesses are either adopting digital or being pushed out by those who have. BUT, so few businesses are doing it right that there’s a huge opportunity to dominate in your area! Check out some of these stats on social media:

Made a Purchase

50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation through social media. The average user under 50 years has an average of 338 friends. Just a handful of check ins or shares can be huge for visibility, do the math.

Check FB Daily

66% of Facebook users check FB daily. Facebook also influenced 52% of consumers online and offline purchases in 2015, making it extremely important to have a strong presence.

Search Engine Rank

Facebook shares are the second largest contributor to search engine rankings, behind backlinks. No brainer here: more shares = higher rank in search. How shareable is the content on your FB page right now?

Want You on Social

41% of Americans polled said that it’s important for businesses to have a good social presence. They want to consume your content, but is it up to par?

Would Recommend to Friends

71% of customers that had a good social media interaction with a business would recommend them to friends. (hint: remember that average of 338 friends?) If you’re not interacting on social, your competitors might be.

Check FB Multiple Times Daily

56% of active FB users check the platform daily, offering multiple opportunities to get your incredible business in front of them when they could be right around the corner! But guess what?…

of Businesses Not Advertising on FB

Yeah you read that right! Only 6% of businesses on FB are advertising but the window of opportunity to dominate your competitors will close in a few years. If this doesn’t scream opportunity I don’t know what will. 

Find Brands on Instagram

60% of IG users say they learn about a product or business on Instagram. Had to throw in an IG stat because it’s growing like crazy and we have had great success generating business for clients on the platform.

Wow, those are pretty amazing stats right? We understand how difficult it is to build a business nowadays: long hours, fierce competition, and very little time for social media even though it’s critical to have a strong presence. Chances are there are a few companies doing what you do in your area, will you be the one to dominate on social?

Believe me, customers are looking for you, and we know exactly how to find them. What if we told you that you could give us a list of your top competitors and we’d turn YOUR brand on to all of their followers?

“You’re insane, it’s not possible.” might be a thought that comes to mind…

How about if you told us exactly who your target customers are by (income, interests, proximity, buying behaviors, etc.) and we could turn your brand on to them too, gaining you thousands of views a month from people in your community?

“Shut your mouth, no way!”???

The truth is we do that every single day for our clients, getting their businesses in front of only the people that would be most likely to fall in love with them and share it with their friends, increasing your followers and online credibility each and every month.

If you still think that sounds crazy, check out some client successes below and keep scrolling to see how we can help you get in front of the right crowd. 🙂

A Few of Our Happy Clients

Gay Wedding Ideas

 From 0 to 3,528,388 Average Monthly Viewers in 2.5 years!

Teami Blends

 Tripled Average Monthly Visitors to 4 million+ within two weeks of our optimization!

The Festival Gear

 From 0 to 114,000 followers in 2.5 years and 1,900 likes per day.

Camping Adventures

 From 0 to 37,800 followers in a year and 2,376 average likes per day.

Mignonne Gavigan

 From 3,500 to 29,500 followers in 5 months and 417 likes per day.

Most Businesses Are Spinning Their Wheels

Inconsistent Posting

  • Your content will not show up in feeds if there isn’t any coming through. should be posting 1-3 times per day.

Irrelevant Content

  • Shameless self promotion is a quick way to lose followers and stunt growth. People don’t want to see your ads they want interesting content that’s relevant.

Poorly Timed Posts

  • If your analytics say only 5% your followers are online at 10am, why are you posting then? You must get your content to your followers at the right moments or very few will see it and share it.

Poor Tag Strategy

  • No tags = no exposure. Proper hashtag strategy must be in place otherwise the ONLY people that will ever be exposed to your brand are your own followers. Hashtags = Free Advertising! Use all 30 that IG allows.

How We Can Help You

Social Ad Campaigns

We'll create high-converting Social Media ads (FB/IG/Pinterest) directed at people that have visited your site recently and liked competitor pages! We'll also create custom, hyper-targeted audiences (ex: income/education/buying habits/age/interests) driving traffic and sales!

Social Media Growth

We'll drive highly engaged followers to social profiles of your choice, building a loyal community of people interested in brands like yours, boosting credibility and exposure quickly! We also engage and bring you followers from competitor accounts and people that use relevant hashtags!

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your search engine rank with relevant, optimized content. We help you outrank your competitors in search with proven keyword strategies. Rank for the keywords that really matter for your business's bottom line.

Digital Marketing Coaching

It's overwhelming trying to figure out the best ways to reach your customers online. We can teach you the best strategies for beating your competition.

Influencer Lists

Stop spending hours searching for people that might promote your brand on their channels. You give us a list of relevant hashtags and minimum follower count, and we'll produce a list of hundreds of targeted social influencers for you to reach out to!

Heat Maps/Mouse Tracking

We can record how visitors to your site are interacting with it and provide data-based advice to maximize your conversion rate. If just 2% more visitors are buying what would that mean for the business long term?

Don't let your competitors beat you to the punch!

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