Custom List Building Services

3 Biggest Problems You Face
Building A List 

The Cost of Data

Building an accurate and complete sales list is time consuming. Most companies want you to sign a year long contract that cost thousands of dollars with a high cost per lead.  

Doing Manual Research

Your time is valuable. It takes time to  research sources.  Then, It takes a long time to build a large list  That's if you can find everything you need in one place and even longer to validate the information.

The Outsourcing Gamble

Outsourcing is affordable and can be a great solution.  The problem is you have to spend lots of time finding the right team. It's difficult to manage and the results can be a roll of the dice. 


Data Partnerships & Technology

We have developed partnerships that give us access to lots of data and technology that helps with fast delivery. This allows us to build the most complete lists possible across every industry. This also helps us to keep our pricing low. 


Research & Compilation

To maximize your list. We have each client fill out a Brand Basics form indicating the kind of contacts they'd like on their list.  Whether it's affiliates, influencers, businesses, or consumers.

Our US based research team reviews it and then puts together the list you want. 


Great Value

For general data lists we charge just .30 cents per contact. (minimum 1000 contacts)  
Example: I want 2000 mommy blogger contacts

For curated data lists we charge $2 per contact (minimum 150 contacts)
Example: I want 200 mommy blogger contacts with 10% engagement & 150,000 followers or more.

​Customer stories

Alex Baker -The Ridge

I like that I can just explain what kind of folks we want in our affiliate program and this team gets it and it's not overpriced. 

Obi Harris - The Do Over

Citaldel came through again!  We found the the influencers we were looking for . Our event impressions were through the roof. 

Sara White -Women Growers

This really helped us find women who were interested in cannabis businesses. We saved a ton of time thumbing through profiles. 

Are You Ready For A List Generation Demo?

Learn more about the ways our customers are utilizing their lists.  They creating custom audiences for e-commerce display advertising, sending invites to affiliate prospects, recruiting influencers,  sharing invites to industry events and so much more. 

How Long Does List Take To Build Your List? 

Our average turn around time for building your list is 1 to 2 business days depending on the complexity, size and amount of research needed to compile your list. 

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